Rodent Control

The Norway rat is common pest in many parts of Victoria and NSW. These rats can cause significant damage by chewing through materials, but can also spoil food through contamination.

Rats do not discriminate and can setup in any type of home in various environments.  Research has shown that rats and mice can eat up to half their body weight in a day.

Rats only take 2 to 3 months to mature and have a gestation period of 22 days. A pair of rats can have 4-7 litters per year with each litter producing up to 8-12 young mice. It should also be noted that the average life span of rats is 1 year. A global study has shown that mice and rats destroy enough food to feed 200 million people.


1. THOROUGH Inspection
The first step of the process will be for our skilled technicians to perform a thorough internal and external audit throughout your property to uncover rodent activity and any possible risks.  We will examine a range of areas to ensure we have full visibility of the issue in order to provide a proper recommendation. 

2. Environmentally Friendly
All our treatments are safe for families and pets. We also ensure our products are environmentally friendly but still remain very effective against all pests. Results should be instant with ongoing improvements over new few weeks.

3. Follow-up service
Clients with significant and severe infestations should have their homes treated annually, but we will also provide advice on limiting future infestations.


In preparation for successful PEST treatment, clients should:

Secure all food sources and block openings for rats to enter into home.

Clear all cupboards and closets where openings exist for rodents

Children and pets should be away while work is being conducted

All rodenticide bait should be used in conjunction with lockable stations when children are present.

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